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Simple 1 Minute Vegan Mayo recipe.

Viva! and Vegan Recipe Club have launched a new series of Guest Chef Recipe Vlogs and for our 2nd installment, we are proud to present Lindsay Nixon, the Happy Herbivore as our first featured Chef!

Lindsay Nixon always knew I wanted to help people, she just didn’t know how to do that, exactly. Lindsay tried on many hats — worked in customer service, as a personal trainer, and was even a lawyer! but nothing fit.

When Lindsay started blogging recipes in 2007, she had no idea where it would lead, but soon discovered her cooking was helping people. A lot of people! Proving that eating healthy could be easy, affordable, practical, “everyday” realistic AND delicious.

It started with sharing recipes and information, that lead to five best-selling cookbooks (plus one awesome Guide book) and eventually, a meal plan service, because she had the vision to make it even easier for others to eat healthy, everyday.

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