SHIT People Say to Vegans


Questions and comments every vegan gets at some point. Maybe the very questions you’ve always wanted to ask a vegan! Also, a couple answers every vegan’s dreamed of giving, but usually just smiles and nods. 😉 Aand, just for fun, a kendall jones reference.

Some answers to the questions/concerns posed:
Can You Love AND Eat Animals?:
What’s in Food:
What About Plants?:
Is Veganism Healthy?:

another fun spoof:

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staring: Emily Moran Barwick, “Mr. Willikers,” & Bill W. the plant

if you’re vegan, you’ve gotten these questions, if you’re not vegan, maybe you’e asked them! 🙂

questions asked:
what’s in fake meat and cheese?
what about protein in a vegan diet?
is a vegan diet healthy?
do plants have feelings?
Is semen vegan?
Is breast milk vegan?
Is honey vegan?
What about lions? They eat meat so why can’t I?
If you’re a lesbian, and a vegan, can you eat —?
What about wool?
What about silk?
What about leather?
What about down pillows?
What if you were on a desert island…
What if the only way to save a person’s life was to eat a piece of meat? Would you do it?
What if you took a bite of a veggie burger and then found out it was a real burger?
If you’re a Catholic, and a vegan, and you really believe that the Eucharist is the flsh and blood of Jesus Christ, can you eat it?

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