Roaming Millennial needs a saf…


My response to Roaming Millennial’s video “The problem with vegans”. She’s a “proud meat eater” who lambastes vegans for not understanding degrees of sentience while not understanding degrees of sentience; who claims veganism is just a dietary preference while admitting that many vegans are vegans for ethical reasons; and who relies on pseudoscience while criticizing vegans who rely on pseudoscience.

Can you count the hypocrisies?

*Time Codes*

1:37 – Valid points
2:25 – A proud meat eater?
5:47 – “you do you” (moral relativism when it’s convenient)
7:08 – “Vegans don’t shut up about being vegan”
8:36 – “Vegans conflate meat eaters with the meat industry”
11:14 – “Vegans don’t understand sentience or intelligence hierarchies”
16:37 – “Vegans misrepresent or misinterpret nutritional studies”
35:07 – Summarizing her points
36:14 – Virtue signaling?
37:13 – Final thoughts
38:43 – barracuda


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