PewDiePie is right. Vegans are…


Pewdiepie recently responded to “Why Pewdiepie is the Dumbest Youtuber,” a video by vegan youtuber Sorsha. If you want an example of bad vegan activism, her video is the one to watch. Unsurprisingly, Pewdiepie found it bewildering, comical, and off-putting. Is it any wonder so many people find it so easy to dislike vegans, and by extension veganism?


Pewdiepie’s video

The “V” Word (Mercy for Animals)

Can our choices make a difference? (Matt Ball)

The science of animal advocacy (Nick Cooney)

Understanding the psychology of meat for effective vegan advocacy (Dr. Melanie Joy)

The Vegan Community. The vampire that needs to be staked. (Rick Spry)


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