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Move Me offers yoga classes, yoga retreats, workplace yoga, lifestyle coaching, workshops, events, fitness, and food in Brisbane.
Welcome and thanks for watching!
Sometimes it takes a little something special to motivate people, to inspire them … to Move them.
That’s where we come in!
Our passion is helping people, and our aim is to inspire and guide your journey through yoga, food and life. We ignite that spark inside you that says “Yes, go for it!”
We aim to move you on many levels and broaden your perspective — open your mind and heart to amazing possibilities and see you thrive.
Move Me is about healthy, conscious and compassionate living.
We offer yoga classes, yoga retreats, workplace yoga, lifestyle coaching, workshops, events, fitness and food. We can also speak at your event, workplace or even visit your kitchen at home. And if there’s something we haven’t listed that you want, let us know!
As former corporate office workers turned Yogis, we’ve journeyed through a myriad of experiences and want to share this with others.
In this video, we introduce ourselves, we talk about the philosophy of Move Me and the services we offer. We also take you into our kitchen and show you how to make a delicious breakfast smoothie.
The fruit smoothie recipe is:
10 Bananas (combination of Cavendish and Lady Fingers)
8 Passionfruit
700mls water (you can add more or less depending on how thick or thin you like your smoothies)
Blend! 🙂
Very simple to make, packed full of nutritional goodness, and great for weight loss.
This is such a quick and easy meal to make and is prefect to take with you to work or wherever you’re going. Smoothies are the healthy fast food! Make them apart of your daily meals and routine.
No coffee, energy drinks, chocolate or other stimulants needed, you will have plenty of energy from the natural sugar and carbohydrates without the adrenal burnout.
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