How To Find A Vegan Boyfriend …


How can you find your ideal vegan boyfriend or girlfriend? Where should you be looking in order to find that special someone who also has your beliefs about a vegan diet?

Anji and Ryan share some practical tips about finding your vegan mate. You may be surprised how many resources there are including vegan meetup groups, fruitlucks, and fruit festivals.

In addition, they share how they started dating. Learn how it worked out since one of them was a vegetarian while the other was still regularly eating meat and dairy. Who converted whom and how? Watch and learn how to get your boyfriend, or girlfriend, to go vegan.

Delicious high carb recipes. Health gurus & myths exposed. Weight loss. Let us inspire your healthy lifestyle journey with food, fun, and fitness. Look forward to two to four new episodes a week from these fit 40 somethings!

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