Do you need supplements?


Do you need to take supplements to be successful on the high carb, low fat, Vegan lifestyle?
Some companies will tell people that taking pills will help them digest food better and cure their health problems.
In this video, we question that opinion and believe that health doesn’t come in a pill or packet.
Many supplements contain stimulants like caffeine and also animal ingredients – hardly healthy!!
Before spending money on supplements, we encourage people to revisit their diet and lifestyle, and be honest about how much fats and processed foods they are eating.
Fruit is never the problem!
We were approached by two companies asking us to sell their supplements, but we’re not interested in scamming people. We believe health comes from simple, clean, low fat, vegan foods, exercise, hydration, sleep, sunshine, positive thinking and a balanced lifestyle.
Don’t get scammed by supplement companies, just revisit what you’re eating and how you’re living.
By the way, here’s the video for the smoothie we’re drinking – Cinnamon Doughnut Banana Smoothie:

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Move Me offers yoga classes, yoga retreats, workplace yoga, Reiki, lifestyle coaching, workshops, events, fitness, and food in Brisbane.
Sometimes it takes a little something special to motivate people, to inspire them … to Move them.
That’s where we come in!
Our passion is helping people, and our aim is to inspire and guide your journey through yoga, food and life. We ignite that spark inside you that says “Yes, go for it!”
We aim to move you on many levels and broaden your perspective — open your mind and heart to amazing possibilities and see you thrive.
Move Me is about healthy, conscious and compassionate living.
We offer yoga classes, yoga retreats, workplace yoga, Reiki, lifestyle coaching, workshops, events, fitness and food. We can also speak at your event, workplace or even visit your kitchen at home. And if there’s something we haven’t listed that you want, let us know!
As former corporate office workers turned Yogis, we’ve journeyed through a myriad of experiences and want to share this with others.

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