Chillin with Durianrider: Is S…


Part 2 of Anji’s conversation with Durianrider on sugar, the two discuss whether or not refined white sugar is truly vegan. While Anji does not completely agree with Harley’s opinion, she’s glad to know that the sugar in Australia is suitable for vegans. Whether or not putting a pound of it in your banana smoothie as DurianRider does is a whole other story!

There’s a bit of an audio glitch at the very end of the video, luckily at the end of this topic. Unfortunately, the question following this one was heavily affected by the technical difficulty, so we may not upload that video, as cool as the topic is. 🙁 #sadnessanddespair

Filmed at Woodstock Fruit Festival 2013

Music: “Feel So Good (Yumenomado Remix)” by Lovespirals from the ‘Feel So Good EP’
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