Addicted to Coffee? Carbs not …


Need coffee to get the energy you need to get through your day? Is Starbucks part of your daily routine? Find out why so many of us are addicted to coffee and what daily caffeine use is doing to our adrenal glands.

Most people eat a diet that is low in carbohydrates, our body’s main source of energy. For example the Standard American Diet, the ever popular Paleo Diet, and virtually all “weight loss” diets like Atkins are all high in fat and low in carbs. Yet, people still need to find a source of non dietary energy to get them through the day. That’s where stimulants like caffeine come in.

There is a way out: eating a carbohydrate rich diet! If one’s glycogen levels remain high, you’ll always have the energy you need; no stimulants are ever needed. Plus, you’ll lose weight, feel happier, and your adrenal glands will thank you as they get can go back to what they were originally designed for: fight or flight reactions.

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